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Start-Up Factory

Start-Up Factory Haier's RenDanHeYi model and the end of management as we know it

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An in-depth case study on one of the most pioneering firms of our times. Packed with stories, Start-up Factory lays out the fundamentals of Haier's unique approach to management, and shows how any organization can benefit from it.

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What's inside

Start-up Factory chronicles one of the boldest business transformations ever: the audacious strategies of a company that has thrown traditional management out the window. The result is an entrepreneurial nexus that is as organic as a neural network, and as nimble as the most dynamic start-up.

Haier, the world's largest manufacturer of home appliances, has continually reinvented itself by busting bureaucracy and shunning top-down management. Its CEO, Zhang Ruimin, envisioned and unleashed - the potential of 80,000 highly motivated employees.

Start up Factory 2

In Start-up Factory the authors draw on years of painstaking research to describe the birth and evolution of Haier's RenDanHeYi model. They explain how it is being implemented in companies the world over. Packed with operational success stories, Start-up Factory lays out the fundamentals, and shows how any organization can benefit from RenDanHeYi.


Ever since I’ve read corporate rebels I became obsessed with futuristic management models. The problem with some of these cases is that they sound a bit too good to be true. Too abstract. Hard to grasp on how it could function. Start-up factory puts this to rest by going in-depth into Haier’s history and model. Amazing read.
André Arcas
A remarkable real-life story of transformation, entrepreneurship, and belief in the power of people. Philosophically elegant, Haier’s Rendanheyi model unleashes the entrepreneurial desire of each employee and harnesses this energy to create a flourishing business of micro-enterprises operating as close as possible to the customer. To an outsider, this eco-system seems mind-boggling, complex and difficult to understand – Start-up Factory is just the antidote. This book provides a direct window into how Haier operates; well thought-out, clear, direct, and full of humorous moments that we have come to expect from Corporate Rebels. It’s a fun read, and a book you will be thinking about long after you finish the last page. For anyone who believes bureaucracy is something that is unavoidable in a large company, this is for you!''
Meghan Kirkland
This is a great in-depth experience report about the exceptional way the Chinese company Haier has organized and re-organized itself as a network or ecosystem. A must-read for anyone who wants to transform their organization.
A delightful book, which has managed to make a complex, and often confusing, story easily understandable.
Bill Fischer
This is the best management book I’ve read in our current era. This is the one I recommend my sons read. But that is not why you should read it. You should read it because it describes human values, philosophies and practices that will open new expanded possibilities to you. It is a book about enabling our human potential and creative freedom to change life around us — which we all know is important today. Uniquely, it is a book about doing this yourself, and about doing it across business ecosystems of global scale. It is a book to give your friends, to read in your book club.
James F. Moore
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Ricardo Semler
The Corporate Rebels are a rare breed: thoughtful, profound thinkers and investigators of the upcoming workplace.
Ricardo Semler Former CEO - Semco
Jayne Price
Can't recommend the Academy highly enough, but it comes with a health warning: prepare to unlearn and rethink the way in which work gets done.
Jayne Price UKRI - Organizational Development
Daniel Pink
I have long been a fan of the Corporate Rebels. They provide a no-nonsense, practical, and thought-provoking perspective on the world of work.
Daniel Pink Bestselling Author
Jeroen Hammer
Corporate Rebels helped us to significantly scale our internal change movement and its positive impact on the Dutch National Police.
Jeroen Hammer Intrapreneur - Dutch National Police
Katarina Berg
This is for all employees, HR professionals and business leaders that want to create radically inspiring workplaces.
Katarina Berg Chief HR Officer - Spotify
Sean Conley
I love being a member of Corporate Rebels - it is a truly transformational experience.
Sean Conley Baker Hughes - Chief Learning Officer
Kimberley de Haas
I love the sense of community you guys manage to create.
Kimberley de Haas Owner - Baanbrekers
Des Dearlove
Corporations need disrupting, and the business world needs the Corporate Rebels. They are a timely and very welcome wake up call for capitalism.
Des Dearlove Co-founder - Thinkers50
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