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Our books are for those who believe that workplaces can and should be improved. Drawing on extensive global research and over 150 visits to pioneering organizations, we offer practical case studies that will challenge your preconceived notions about work.

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Corporate Rebels

Corporate Rebels Make work more fun

Print • E-book • Audiobook • 8 languages

8 radical lessons from 150 of the world's most inspiring companies. This book explores the stories and strategies of…

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Start-Up Factory

Start-Up Factory Haier's RenDanHeYi model and the end of management as we know it

Print • E-book

An in-depth case study on one of the most pioneering firms of our times. Packed with stories, Start-up Factory lays out…

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Radically reimagine

The way you work

Insights from 150+ workplace pioneers

Today’s workplaces are broken. Badly broken. With 85% of employees disengaged, work as we know it today is simply not working.

The good news? There is a better way. And it's not just theory. It's already practiced in pioneering organisations around the globe. Our books give direct evidence that you can make work enjoyable and rewarding, while boosting performance and success.

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Make work
more fun

A collection of pioneering case studies

Whether you’re part of a leadership team, a rebel who has been suppressed by corporate dogma or a manager who is trapped in the broken system: these books are for you!

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Our readers it
Isaac Getz
Joost Minnaar and Pim de Morree have covered the planet to meet all the organisations, leaders, and thinkers who aim to transform the command-and-control workplace into a place where work is fun. A most interesting and original book.
Isaac Getz Professor - ESCP Business School
Des Dearlove
Corporations need disrupting, and the business world needs the Corporate Rebels. They are a timely and very welcome wake up call for capitalism.
Des Dearlove Co-founder - Thinkers50
Alexander Osterwalder
The Corporate Rebels highlight how the right techniques help companies improve the bottom line, boost growth, and feature as an undeniable force for good.
Alexander Osterwalder Creator of the Business Model Canvas
Frederic Laloux
For people to notice, and join the revolution, we need to give it a voice, or rather many, many voices. The Corporate Rebels have made it their job to bring us such voices and their stories.
Frederic Laloux Author - Reinventing Organizations
Henry Stewart
Absolutely love Corporate Rebels. Their academy has such great stuff in the world of self-managing organizations.
Henry Stewart Founder - Happy Ltd
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