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Running a self-managed organization is not for the faint-hearted. It demands bold courage, continuous learning, and a daring spirit of rebellion. As your organization grows and transforms, it's an ever-evolving adventure. The key to thriving in this challenging journey? A robust community.

The Corporate Rebels Community

A community of pioneers

Our community is a safe haven for founders, people leaders, changemakers and pioneers in self-management seeking support and shared wisdom. Here, you'll find a network rich in experience and innovation, essential for navigating the evolving landscape of new ways of working.

Common challenges of our community members

  • Performance management and goal setting

  • Scalability of self-managing structures

  • Benefits and compensation

  • Balancing alignment and autonomy

  • Feedback and conflict handling

  • Onboarding and employee experience

Monthly live sessions to
learn, share, connect

Become part of our diverse monthly live sessions featuring experts and pioneers in self-management. Engage in interviews, panel discussions, and online meetups where you'll delve into insights and lessons from like-minded organizations across the globe.

Monthly live sessions to elevate your approach to self-management

  • Interviews with pioneering organizations

  • Panel discussions around common challenges

  • Meetups to get to know global peers

  • Inspiration sessions and workshops

A global network at your fingertips

Our platform offers a social media-like experience, making it incredibly easy to engage with the community. Whether you're on the move or at home, you can access all community features seamlessly. Our user-friendly iOS and Android apps enable you to be connected and active, no matter your location.

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Questions + Answers

What steps do I need to take to join the community?

To join the community, you must first become a member of the Corporate Rebels Academy. Explore our different membership options and pricing plans to get started.

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What are the benefits of joining the Corporate Rebels community?

As a member of the Corporate Rebels community, you'll gain access to a wealth of benefits designed to enhance your journey in new ways of working. These include exclusive networking opportunities with industry leaders and peers, access to cutting-edge insights and case studies, participation in member-only events and webinars, and the ability to engage in meaningful discussions with a global network of like-minded professionals. Our community is a treasure trove of resources and support, helping you stay at the forefront of workplace innovation.

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How frequently are events organized?

Each month, we run one or multiple events. The types of events differ each month, but there's always a very strong focus on practical ideas, insights and challenges.

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Is it possible to request events focused on specific topics?

Absolutely, we actively seek input from our members about specific topics or challenges they wish to explore. This feedback shapes our events and content, ensuring they align precisely with what our community members are seeking.

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Can I access past event recordings or materials as a member?

Absolutely. As a member of the Corporate Rebels community, you have exclusive access to an extensive archive of past events, webinars, and other resources. Whether you missed a live event or want to revisit a session for deeper understanding, our archive is a valuable resource at your fingertips.

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Are there opportunities for networking within the community?

Yes, networking is a key component of our community. Members have the opportunity to connect with others in a variety of ways, including a social media-like timeline, virtual meetups, and all sorts of live sessions. These interactions allow you to exchange ideas, share experiences, and even collaborate on projects.

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Here's what people it
Katarina Berg
This is for all employees, HR professionals and business leaders that want to create radically inspiring workplaces.
Katarina Berg Chief HR Officer - Spotify
Sean Conley
I love being part of the Corporate Rebels Academy - it is a truly transformational experience.
Sean Conley Baker Hughes - Chief Learning Officer
Kimberley de Haas
I love the sense of community you guys manage to create.
Kimberley de Haas Owner - Corporate Happiness Exchange
Henry Stewart
Absolutely love Corporate Rebels. Their academy has such great stuff in the world of self-managing organizations.
Henry Stewart Founder - Happy Ltd
Frederic Laloux
For people to notice, and join the revolution, we need to give it a voice, or rather many, many voices. The Corporate Rebels have made it their job to bring us such voices and their stories.
Frederic Laloux Author - Reinventing Organizations
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Individual access

Individual access

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  • Access to all courses
  • Full community access
  • Monthly online events with pioneers
  • Tools, practices, case studies
  • 6-week Masterclass
Fall 2024
Masterclass bundle

Masterclass bundle

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  • Full community access for 1 year
  • Monthly online events with pioneers
  • Tools, practices, case studies
  • 6-week Masterclass
Team access

Team access

5 persons
per month, billed annually
  • Access to all courses
  • Full community access
  • Monthly online events with pioneers
  • Tools, practices, case studies
  • 6-week Masterclass

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