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How NER Works

How NER Works

12 reviews

Unlock the secret to successful self-management with The NER Group's revolutionary approach. Dive deep into multiple real-world case studies and discover how to bring about meaningful change in your company.

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  • Meet NER Group and the company's founding father, Koldo Saratxaga
  • Find out how NER companies structure themselves around a network of self-managing teams
  • Get to know the unique way of working of two companies that have been inspired by the NER philosophy
  • Explore two successful transformation strategies with step-by-step approaches
  • Bring new skills into practice for your own NER-inspired transformation
Study information
  • Study in your own time
  • Community support
  • 20 hours of course material


'NER’ is a Spanish acronym for ‘Nuevo Estilo de Relaciones’ or ‘New Style of Relationships,’ an approach pioneered by Koldo Saratxaga. NER embodies a business philosophy of which the most important aspect is the belief in people. 

The belief that people are responsible, sensible, and motivated by nature. After completing this course, you’ll have expert knowledge of how these beliefs are turned into a way of working: the NER way of working.

What you'll get

  • In-depth course on NER Group
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    Learn how organizations have implemented the NER philosophy and take an in-depth look at two highly effective transformation methods with this course. Discover how to drive successful change within your own organization.

  • Unlimited access to all courses
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    As part of your membership, you get unlimited access to all our on-demand courses. From distributing decision-making and reinventing meetings to in-depth case studies on pioneering firms, we've got everything you need to radically improve the way you work.

  • A vibrant community of changemakers
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    Upon joining the Corporate Rebels Academy, you'll gain access to our exclusive community of rebels and pioneers. Connect with a global network of individuals who share your passion for improving their work. 

    From attending events to forming interest groups, participating in discussions, and sharing your progress, you'll have endless opportunities to learn and grow alongside fellow changemakers.

  • Unrivaled access to the world's most progressive organizations
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    Learn from the best with our courses developed in partnership with the world's most pioneering organizations. Our curriculum is built on extensive research and direct input from workplace pioneers who have achieved radical success.


I recently took the online course on NER and found it to be incredibly valuable. The course delves into the NER philosophy and provides a thorough understanding of how it can be implemented in an organization.
What I found most beneficial were the two radical transformation approaches covered in the course. These methods are not only unique but also extremely effective in driving change within a legacy business.
I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to create impactful change within their organization.

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Questions + Answers

Can I purchase individual courses?

We offer all-access memberships. As part of your membership, you get unlimited access to all our on-demand courses. From distributing decision-making and boosting psychological safety to in-depth case studies on pioneering firms, we've got everything you need to radically improve the way you work. Plus, you'll access a vibrant online community of changemakers.

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Do I need to wait for enrollment to open?

No, there's no need to wait. Upon payment, you will have immediate access to all courses and the community.

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What happens when my access period expires?

Your license will renew automatically after its initial 12-month duration has ended. But don't worry, we've got your back! We'll send you friendly reminders before we charge your card again.

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I am not sure which of these courses are the right fit. Can you help me?

We are happy to give you more information and help you figure out whether or not the Academy aligns with your goals. Contact us and we'll help you figure it out.

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Here's why people it
Ricardo Semler
The Corporate Rebels are a rare breed: thoughtful, profound thinkers and investigators of the upcoming workplace.
Ricardo Semler Former CEO - Semco
Jayne Price
Can't recommend the Academy highly enough, but it comes with a health warning: prepare to unlearn and rethink the way in which work gets done.
Jayne Price UKRI - Organizational Development
Daniel Pink
I have long been a fan of the Corporate Rebels. They provide a no-nonsense, practical, and thought-provoking perspective on the world of work.
Daniel Pink Bestselling Author
Jeroen Hammer
Corporate Rebels helped us to significantly scale our internal change movement and its positive impact on the Dutch National Police.
Jeroen Hammer Intrapreneur - Dutch National Police
Katarina Berg
This is for all employees, HR professionals and business leaders that want to create radically inspiring workplaces.
Katarina Berg Chief HR Officer - Spotify
Sean Conley
I love being a member of Corporate Rebels - it is a truly transformational experience.
Sean Conley Baker Hughes - Chief Learning Officer
Kimberley de Haas
I love the sense of community you guys manage to create.
Kimberley de Haas Owner - Baanbrekers
Des Dearlove
Corporations need disrupting, and the business world needs the Corporate Rebels. They are a timely and very welcome wake up call for capitalism.
Des Dearlove Co-founder - Thinkers50
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