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Cohort 9: Understanding and designing progressive organizational structures

Cohort 9: Understanding and designing progressive organizational structures

September 19 - October 26, 2023

Are you ready to take your organization to the next level? Enroll now in our online Masterclass and learn how to drive…

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An immersive learning experience

6 weeks

A one-of-a-kind masterclass

Our Masterclass is a comprehensive 6-week online course that delves into the world of progressive organizations. You'll get to study groundbreaking case studies and even interview pioneers in the field. By the end, you'll be equipped with the knowledge and skills to bring progress to your own organization. Don't miss this unique opportunity to learn from the best!

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Become a true transformation leader

This Masterclass combines the best of live and on-demand learning. You'll get access to a variety of engaging content, including videos, animations, and text, as well as homework assignments to help you apply what you've learned. Plus, our live sessions provide the perfect opportunity to connect with your fellow classmates and pioneers from around the world. Sign up now to take your transformation skills to the next level.

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Learn from ...

The Best

We collaborate with the world's most progressive organizations and pioneering academics to teach you how to reinvent the way you work. From practical case studies to detailed practices - we've got it all.



Turning a corporate into a network of start-ups

Morning Star

Morning Star

Fully self-managing tomato processing company



1,000+ self-managing teams and 0 managers



Employees first, customers second, shareholders last

NER Group

NER Group

A group of 25+ self-managing companies



A bossless firm with distributed leadership

Belgian Ministry

Belgian Ministry

Self-organization and radical autonomy in government



No titles, no annual budgets, no top-down structures



Law firm with democratic decision-making

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Questions + Answers

Who is the Masterclass for?

Common goals of Masterclass:

  • Level up management and transformation skills
  • Gain in-depth understanding of new ways of working
  • Uncover proven strategies for organizational change
  • Understand how progressive organizations truly work
  • Connect with fellow changemakers

Most attendees will fall between 30 - 55 years old. Many of them possess over a decade of experience and have honed their abilities, gained practical knowledge, and are now seeking to level up their skills. They strive to improve their transformation skills and work create to create better organizations.

They come from a diverse range of industries, including manufacturing, engineering, finance, technology, marketing, healthcare, education, construction, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, hospitality, entertainment, energy, and manufacturing.

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How can I get reimbursed by my company?

Great news! Many of our students have been able to secure reimbursement from their company. Most companies offer a budget for Learning and Development or education that can cover the cost. To make it easy for you to do the same, we've prepared a template that you can use to convince your manager or HR department. It lays out the benefits of the Academy and how it can be used to increase productivity and performance. Check out the template here

Reach out to us at for any help or guidance.

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Do you offer Masterclasses in-house?

Yes, we do! In addition to our regular Masterclass sessions, we also offer the option of running it in-house. Many organizations prefer this option as it allows the whole team to learn together and apply the lessons learned as a team. If you're interested in having us conduct an in-house Masterclass for your organization, please contact us at for more information.

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What is the time commitment of the Masterclass?

The Masterclass consists of 2 online live sessions per week, each lasting 2 hours. Along with these sessions, the text, video, and assignments can be completed at your convenience, taking approximately 6 hours. Thus, the total weekly time commitment for the Masterclass is approximately 10 hours.

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Do you offer scholarships?

Yes, we are committed to helping non-profit organizations in their transformation journey, that's why in every Masterclass we offer one scholarship for an individual working at a charity or non-profit organization. The scholarship winner will be awarded with a discounted tuition rate of €500. If you are an employee of a non-profit organization and would like to apply for the scholarship, please email us at and let us know how taking the course will help you increase impact at your organization.

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When does the next Masterclass start?

We run the Masterclass several times per year. Check out the upcoming cohort(s) here.

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We love our community. And they loves us too.
Jeroen Hammer
The Academy helped us to significantly scale our internal change movement and its positive impact on the Dutch National Police.
Jeroen Hammer Intrapreneur - Dutch National Police
Jayne Price
Can't recommend the Academy highly enough, but it comes with a health warning: prepare to unlearn and rethink the way in which work gets done.
Jayne Price UKRI - Organizational Development
Sean Conley
I love being part of the Corporate Rebels Academy - it is a truly transformational experience.
Sean Conley Baker Hughes - Chief Learning Officer
Kimberley de Haas
I love the sense of community you guys manage to create.
Kimberley de Haas Change Consultant
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