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Corporate Rebels

Corporate Rebels Make work more fun

1132 reviews
More than 50.000 copies sold!

8 radical lessons from 150 of the world's most inspiring companies. This book explores the stories and strategies of companies that have successfully implemented highly progressive and employee-centered approaches to work.

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What's inside

Today’s workplaces are broken. Badly broken. With 85% of employees disengaged, 23% feeling burned out and 37% believing that their job makes no useful contribution to society, work as we know it today is simply not working.

The good news? There is a better way. And it's not just theory. It's already practiced in pioneering organisations around the globe. Drawing on Minnaar and De Morree’s visits to 100+ of the world’s most progressive organisations, this book gives direct evidence that you can make work enjoyable and rewarding, while boosting performance and success.

This book is for people who know workplaces could, and should, be better. Whether you’re in the leadership team, a rebel who has been suppressed by corporate dogma or a manager who is trapped in the broken system: this book is for you!

About the authors

Joost Minnaar and Pim de Morree are the founders of Corporate Rebels - a global movement to make work more fun. They quit their frustrating, corporate jobs and set out the travel the world to visit the world's most inspiring organizations. While checking off their renowned Bucket List they share everything they learn.

Their cult blog is read in over 100 countries and has been featured in The New York Times, Forbes, HuffPost, The Guardian, and the BBC. The authors have been listed among the Top 30 Emergent Management Thinkers and won the 2019 Thinkers50 Radar Award.


It's one of the best books I've found, especially for those who are working to improve the results and well-being of their employees in organizations.
Jose Andres Sanchez
Succinct and to the point, this book highlights the frustrations and solutions that can fix typical corporate culture.
Asogan Moodaly
Absolutely loved this book - couldn’t put it down. Some amazingly insightful approaches to make work more fun & engaging. Whether you’re part of a leadership team, team manager or someone simply wanting to spark a revolution to make their 9-5 more fun, this is a must read!
The book is a great inspiration for the explorers out there, open to experimentation when it comes to improving the work environment. The examples and stories presented are powerful, sometimes thought-provoking, and provide confidence that work can indeed be more fun and employees more engaged, independent of the industry or size of the company. I personally appreciated that the book revolves around principles that progressive companies and pioneers follow and is not a one-size-fits-all-model. I believe that every transformation starts with a mindset, not with rules, and this book is a great companion for that.
Adina Grigoroiu
A fantastic read, with some of the most progressive ideas you will ever come across for reinventing the world of work. If you work in a large corporation and are passionate about driving positive disruption, then this one is definitely for you.
This book was a huge surprise. I have no doubts to say that it was one of the greatest business book I've read in the recent times. Very well written, direct, straight to the issues that matter. You really should read it.
Eluard Moraes
Great book! Everyone in business should read it!
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Here's why people it
Ricardo Semler
The Corporate Rebels are a rare breed: thoughtful, profound thinkers and investigators of the upcoming workplace.
Ricardo Semler Former CEO - Semco
Daniel Pink
I have long been a fan of the Corporate Rebels. They provide a no-nonsense, practical, and thought-provoking perspective on the world of work.
Daniel Pink Bestselling Author
Katarina Berg
This is for all employees, HR professionals and business leaders that want to create radically inspiring workplaces.
Katarina Berg Chief HR Officer - Spotify
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