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Pim de Morree
Written by Pim de Morree October 01, 2022

Three months ago, we announced the debut of our subscription model to the world. The response was amazing. Hundreds of pitch deck requests came in, 100+ follow-up calls were made, and 1,000+ new rebels have been (or will be) onboarded to the online Academy. At the same time, we learned a lot from the calls we received. For one, we've made a big change to our pricing structure. Time for an update.

So, the subscription model might need a bit more explanation. Let's start with that.

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What is the Corporate Rebels Academy subscription?

The Corporate Rebels Academy is an online learning platform that will help you to reinvent how you work. It's the place where you can follow a wide variety of courses taught by the world's most progressive organizations and learn all about new ways of working while connecting to a global community of alumni.

The subscription model is pretty simple. For a fixed yearly fee, you gain access to:

  • all current and future on-demand courses
  • all live events, book clubs, meetups, Q&As with pioneers, etc.
  • plus, access to the global community of fellow rebels and workplace pioneers

All-in-all, the Academy is everything you need to make work more fun.

Since launching the subscription model, many companies have signed up, such as a large Scandinavian telecommunications company, an Australian health care organization, an exhibitions company from the UK, the Dutch National Police, and many more.

Learn and adapt

The beauty of having had so many follow-up calls with people and companies interested in the subscription model is that it enabled a lot of learning.

One of the things we learned is that (contrary to our assumptions) most companies weren't big fans of giving all their employees access to our platform (at once). They preferred a pay-per-user model, as many of them loved to have mainly agile coaches, HR staff, organizational development people, and similar roles on board.

Another thing companies struggled with is that we offered a tiered pricing model for small, medium, and large organizations. However, we didn't offer anything to individuals or teams.

New pricing model

Based on that (and other) valuable feedback, we've adapted our pricing model. Here it is:

  • Individual license: € 1,450 / year
  • Team license (2-20 users): € 1,250 / user/year
  • Enterprise license (20+ users): contact us to schedule a demo

A great deal as the subscription gives you access to lots of courses that normally cost € 500 or € 1,000 each.

What does the subscription include?

Through the subscription, you'll join the Academy and the online Rebel community. You gain access to loads of ideas, insights, practices, experiments, case studies, events, and valuable connections.

Some of our current (and soon-to-be-launched) courses include:

  • Run Better Meetings
  • Work with Roles & Responsibilities
  • Distribute Decision-Making
  • Give Better Feedback
  • Implement Result-Based Working
  • Solve Conflicts Smoothly
  • Boost Psychological Safety
  • Successful Transformation Strategies
  • Lots of in-depth case studies on pioneering organizations

New courses are added on a monthly basis.

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Want to be part of the fast-growing Academy and reinvent the way you work? Join now.

Written by Pim de Morree
Pim de Morree
As co-founder of Corporate Rebels I focus on: researching, writing, speaking, and building our company.
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