Feb 19, 2022
Hacking Reward Structures For True Sustainability And Climate Protection
Stefanie Hornung Written by Stefanie Hornung
The task of promoting sustainability and climate protection is urgent and complicated. Many organisations play an arithmetic game. But can…
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Jan 06, 2021
At Einhorn: “Employees Can Override Our Salary System”
Stefanie Hornung Written by Stefanie Hornung
How much do we actually need for living? That’s the first question German condom manufacturer Einhorn asks when it comes to salary. Beyond…
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Jul 01, 2020
At Freitag: "We Have Radically Simplified Our Salary Scales"
Stefanie Hornung Written by Stefanie Hornung
Bags and accessories made of truck tarpaulins - that's what Freitag is known for. With headquarters in Zurich, around 250 employees work…
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Mar 04, 2020
Why We Should Not Punish Intrinsic Motivation
Stefanie Hornung Written by Stefanie Hornung
At Viisi, a Dutch financial services company, a holacratic work culture meets a remuneration system that works similar to traditional…
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Jan 29, 2020
New Pay: Bringing More Fairness To Salary Issues
Stefanie Hornung Written by Stefanie Hornung
Fixed salary bands, labour market data and negotiations – all are in the traditional compensation mix, and companies are reluctant to…
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Corporate Rebels
Corporate Rebels - Make work more fun

This book is for people who know workplaces could, and should, be better. Whether you’re in the leadership team, a rebel who has been suppressed by corporate dogma or a manager who is trapped in the broken system: this book is for you!

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The Corporate Rebels Handbook - How We Handle Fuck-Ups, Meetings, and Compensation
The Corporate Rebels Handbook - How We Handle Fuck-Ups, Meetings, and Compensation
One of the main principles we rely on at Corporate Rebels is radical transparency. And what better way to live up to that than to share our…
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The Corporate Rebels are a rare breed: thoughtful, profound thinkers and investigators of the upcoming workplace.
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Can't recommend the Academy highly enough, but it comes with a health warning: prepare to unlearn and rethink the way in which work gets done.
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Corporations need disrupting, and the business world needs the Corporate Rebels. They are a timely and very welcome wake up call for capitalism. Their voices resonate for a new generation who are demanding a radically different approach to work and life.
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