Announcing Our New On-Demand Course: "How NER Works"

Emma de Blok
Written by Emma de Blok December 14, 2022

Today, we’re launching a new Corporate Rebels Academy Course: “How NER Works..” This radical (and proven) approach to self-management truly embodies the belief in people. The NER approach has inspired people from all over the world and we’ve compiled everything there is to know about it into an online course like no other. NER has the potential to disrupt even more organizations than it already has. Will yours be next?

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Hold up. What exactly is NER?

'NER’ is an acronym derived from the Spanish "Nuevo Estilo de Relaciones," or “New Style of Relationships.” It was pioneered by Koldo Saratxaga and it echoes his inherent belief in people. NER is about making people the true center of an organization and working with absolute transparency, trust, freedom, and responsibility.

Saratxaga led the change when he was the former CEO of the Basque luxury coach manufacturer, Irizar. He saved the organization from near bankruptcy and turned it into one of the world's most renowned luxury coach manufacturers.

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Proven transformation strategies

Koldo has since transformed over 50 other organizations (just as he did with Irizar) with a company he created called K2K. K2K refers to itself as "a team of experts in organizational change based on NER and a new culture that designs human, livable, adaptable, and effective institutions."

And guess what? You will learn about two proven transformation strategies that NER has developed over the past 15 years. We’re talking about successful and proven transformation strategies with a simple step-by-step approach—just the spark you need to ignite change within your own team or organization.

Check out this short video animation and get to know the unique way of working of Panelfisa, a company that adopted to the NER way of working with help from K2K.

Fully on-demand

How NER Works is completely on-demand, built to study on your own time, at your own pace.

Throughout this course, you will...

  • Meet NER Group and the company's founding father, Koldo Saratxaga
  • Find out how NER companies structure themselves around a network of self-managing teams
  • Understand the NER way of working and apply practical insights to your own working context
  • Get to know the unique way of working of Panelfisa and P4Q, two companies that have been inspired by the NER philosophy
  • Explore K2K's two highly successful transformation strategies with step-by-step approaches
  • Bring new skills into practice for your own NER-inspired transformation

The course content is delivered via text, video, animation, graphics, and a workbook. After completing this course, you’ll have expert knowledge of ‘Nuevo Estilo de Relaciones’ (NER) companies.

More than a course

When you purchase a course at the Academy, you automatically gain access to a community of like-minded people who are enthusiastic about changing the way they work—people just like you.

In this community, you can join events, form groups around specific interests and discussions, and share your progress with each other—both the good and the (occasional) bad.

Click here to purchase "How NER works" now.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Written by Emma de Blok
Emma de Blok
Hey, I'm Emma. I have been a part of Corporate Rebels for a couple of years now. My primary focus revolves around exploring and understanding new ways of working, which I then strive to translate into valuable educational experiences. This could take the form of developing comprehensive online courses or crafting content for social media platforms. It brings me immense joy to share the insights of Corporate Rebels in a meaningful and impactful way.
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