The Workplace Revolution: Fat Cats, Pay Equality, And Purpose Washing

Joost Minnaar
Written by Joost Minnaar January 26, 2019

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Fat Cat Friday should shatter the myth that Britain’s bosses deserve their pay

(The Guardian)

Fat Cat

"British top executives now earn 133 times more than the average worker. They can no longer rationalise this growing inequality." This trend is just fucked up. Great research by CIPD, great story by Owen Jones.

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Gender pay gaps shrink when companies are required to disclose them

(Harvard Business Review)

Money 1

An insightful study of Danish companies on gender pay gaps. Researchers Morten Bennedsen, Elena Simintzi, Margarita Tsoutsoura and Daniel Wolfenzon show us why this world is in need of transparent salaries - powerful stuff.

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The legacy of Herb Kelleher, cofounder of Southwest Airlines

(Harvard Business Review)


"Most everyone who met Herb Kelleher, the larger-than-life cofounder and longtime CEO of Southwest Airlines, has a story about his or her initial encounter with the man." This is the story of Bill Taylor - inspirational!

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Big business has a new scam: The ‘Purpose Paradigm’

(The Nation)

Paul Polman

"Multinational corporations are luring millennial workers with empty promises and self-serving slogans." Please get this purpose washing nonsense out of this world. A long and interesting read by Maria Hengeveld.

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No boss? No thanks



"Far from making them obsolete, the flatter business organisations of today need managers more than ever but in new ways." That's what Nicolai Foss and Peter Klein claim in this slightly academic and provocative essay.

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Written by Joost Minnaar
Joost Minnaar
Co-founder Corporate Rebels. My daily focus is on research, writing, and anything else related to making work more fun.
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