The Workplace Revolution: Flipped Workplace, Stress-Out Workers And Power Dynamics

Joost Minnaar
Written by Joost Minnaar March 27, 2019

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Now is the time to implement the flipped workplace at scale

(Quartz at Work)

Workplace Upside Down

"I am sitting in my office struggling to stay focused, wondering why I need to be here right now. The feeling reminds me of grade school, where I spent most of my class time staring out the window, yearning for the bell to ring so the real learning could begin. When considering the construct of the educational and professional worlds, I have always wondered, 'Does it really have to be this way?' The answer is no." Spot on piece by Allison Baum.

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One of Sweden's biggest banks just named its first female CEO


Handelsbanken CEO

"One of Sweden's biggest banks (and one of our Bucket List organizations), Svenska Handelsbank AB, is about to get it first female chief executive officer. The Stockholm-based lender has named veteran Carina Akerstrom as CEO to replace retiring Anders Bouvin at the end of March."

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Revolut insiders reveal the human cost of a fintech unicorn's wild rise



"Applicants asked to work for free, rudeness, and high staff turnover tarnish the fintech startup's success story." Fascinating and sad piece by Emiliano Mellino.

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The Workplace Revolution: Flipped Workplace, Stress-Out Workers And Power Dynamics
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The hidden costs of stressed-out workers

(The Wall Street Journal)

Hidden Costs

Companies often don't realize how much they pay for lost time and productivity from unhealthy workplace dynamics. But there are ways to lower the stress level." Great piece by Jeffrey Pfeffer.

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Hierarchy is not the problem... It's the power dynamics


R Bartlett

"I don’t care about hierarchy. It’s just a shape. I care about power dynamics." We couldn't agree more with this piece by Rich Bartlett of Enspiral.

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Written by Joost Minnaar
Joost Minnaar
Co-founder Corporate Rebels. My daily focus is on research, writing, and anything else related to making work more fun.
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