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Pim de Morree
Written by Pim de Morree May 13, 2020

We are absolutely amazed by what has happened since we published the Corporate Rebels book. The responses, the reviews, the number of readers, and the hope and inspiration drawn from it has been beyond our expectation. But it gets even better. Today, we launch the audiobook and the hardcover version. In today's blog post: a sample of the audiobook and a look behind the scenes of the recording.


Over the past few months we've been busy turning our manuscript into an audiobook. For all of you interested in how that works, I'll soon share a blog post on how we self-published our book. It will include all the upsides, downsides, obstacles, fun, and stress we experienced during this process. Stay tuned for some interesting learning ;).

For now, we want to focus on sharing the fact that the audiobook is - as of now - available. Here's a short sample of the great narration done by professional narrator Stephen Borne.

Or, for a quick look behind the scenes, check out Stephen at work. Not as easy as it sounds right?

To order the audiobook, go to your preferred store:

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I personally went into the studio as well to create the Dutch audiobook. And yes, it's also finished!

So, for the Dutch speaking people: here's a unique opportunity to spend 6 hours listening to my soothing voice ;). Plus, you'll get some inspirational stories from the world's most progressive workplaces...

Get it through:


In February, we published the paperback (soft cover) and ebook format. Now, besides launching the audiobook, we also launch a hard cover of the Corporate Rebels book.

We're super excited about this one. It looks great and has lovely finishes. A great one to add to the collection or to share with fellow rebels.

Purchase the hardcover through the new book website, see below.

Book translations

More good news: various book translations are underway.

  • On June 22nd we'll publish the German translation (subscribe here if you're interested in the German book);
  • In September the French book will hit book stores in France;
  • In November Italians can read the Corporate Rebels book in their native language;
  • Polish will likely be published in the second half of 2020;
  • Russian and Chinese are underway!

New book website

We've created a completely new book website. It looks pretty cool if you ask me.

Find more information and purchase links to the various bookstores and (upcoming) book translations on this new page.

Click here to visit

Self-publishing questions

Many of you might be wondering how to self-publish a book. As I've learned a lot about this topic over the past few months I'm going to write a blog post on the lessons we've learned.

If you've ever wanted to know more about self-publishing, this is your chance. Drop your questions in the comments below and I'll try to answer all of them in my upcoming blog post.

Written by Pim de Morree
Pim de Morree
As co-founder of Corporate Rebels I focus on: researching, writing, speaking, and building our company.
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