Help! What Should We Develop Next On Our Academy?

Joost Minnaar
Written by Joost Minnaar February 09, 2022

In one or two months, we’re launching our first two on-demand courses for our Academy: one about meetings and one on decision-making. But here’s the deal: we need to decide which other on-demand courses to develop in this year. And we could use your input in determining what to work on next.

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Last year, we launched our very own Corporate Rebels Academy, starting with our 6-week cohort-based course, “Understanding and Designing Progressive Organizational Structures.” And, we’ll admit, it’s been a resounding success thus far.

Last months, besides guiding the cohort-based courses, we were also busy developing new on-demand courses for our Academy focused on improving teamwork. They are designed in such a way that everyone can follow them in their own time, at their own pace.

We are currently finalizing two different on-demand courses about improving specific team practices. One will be about running better meetings, another one about making better decisions.

Both courses are slated to be launched in the next few months.

Help! What Should We Develop Next On Our Academy?
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How to run better meetings

The on-demand course about meetings will be focused on understanding how you and your team can organize and run meetings more efficiently and effectively.

Drawing inspiration mainly from our collaborations with Bucket List companies Buurtzorg and Viisi, these lessons will teach you how to approach this particular topic much more progressively.

How to make better decisions

The on-demand course about decision-making will focus on understanding how to distribute decision-making throughout your organization—including how to make decisions in a quick and entrepreneurial way.

This course and its lessons are primarily inspired by our collaborations with Bucket List companies Encora (former Nearsoft) and Morning Star.

What course should we develop next?

Once we fully finish these two on-demand courses, we will pivot to developing new ones. And, as you can imagine, we have many different topics and cases to choose from.

That’s where you come in—we need help deciding on which courses to develop next. More specifically, we would like to know what exact topic or practice you would look most forward to learning about on our platform.

In other words, which on-demand team practice course should we develop first?

Please cast your vote in the poll below (don’t get greedy, you can only choose one).


Let the voting commence.

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Written by Joost Minnaar
Joost Minnaar
Co-founder Corporate Rebels. My daily focus is on research, writing, and anything else related to making work more fun.
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